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My Computer Alarm Clock       Free Cellular Alarm Clock
          also Talking Headline News Alarm here

What is it ?

The Free Cellular Alarm Clock (FCA) is a completely 100%-free product that will use your cellular phone to

FCA works with almost any cellular provider that has text messaging. You define your cell phone number and select your provider. (Over 200 providers are supported.) Tell FCA what message to send and when. Then, automatically at the appointed time, FCA will send your cell phone the message via the internet. FCA acknowledges events with its own computerized voice.

Before you Download

You should be running Windows 95 or higher, and it is preferred to have at least Internet Explorer 6 installed.

Special Offer

Give us a new and unique reason for using your cellular phone through CellAlarm, and we'll give you a free copy of myAlarm with your CellAlarm purchase! That's a free gift worth $20. This offer is good for a limited time only. myAlarm will be available soon.

For More Cellular Alarms - CellAlarm

Need more power than a single-celled alarm? Get the next step up.
CellAlarm and CellAlarm:Office are advanced versions of FCA with the added ability to:

  • keep track of multiple alarms and reminders
  • use several cellular phones for you and your family or co-workers
  • define repeats such every day, weekday, week, two weeks, month
  • change display among 16 faceplates
  • allow for retries when provider temporarily unavailable
  • remind staff of important events
  • remember to schedule a myriad of other alarms and reminders.

CellAlarm comes in a variety of colored skins and textures.

Visit the CellAlarm website for more information.

Purchase the CellAlarm upgrade directly from the [Upgrade] button of your copy of Free Cellular Alarm. It's only US $10 (introductory price) and upgrades are free.


Download Free Cellular Alarm ... Get it from CNET Download.com!

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And For Even More Intelligent Alarms - myAlarm

Still need more alarm power? myAlarm is an intelligent PC alarm clock with multiple alarms of all types, including internet radio, music, even e-mail alerts. Visit the myAlarm website for more information. Purchase the myAlarm upgrade directly from the [Upgrade] button of your copy of Free Cellular Alarm. It's only US $20 and upgrades are free.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Cellular Alarm Clock sends important messages to your cell phone at the time you need to be reminded. It runs on your computer and lets you plan things ahead of time. No matter where you are, you'll get the messages you need on your cell. It's only 10 dollars!

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