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Free Data Capture

Free Data Capture 1.0 : 5 Stars Award at !

Free Data Capture 1.0 4.0 Award

    data filtering

What is it ?

The Free Data Capture Tool (FDC) gives you a convenient method for

FDC uses the MS/Windows clipboard and gives you a myriad of processing options that facilitate data mining of captured text. FDC generally hides in your system tray waiting for clipboard copy events to occur. FDC has a single interface dialog that pops up when activated. The interface has a captured data box on the left where either the image or text that was last captured is displayed as a thumbnail. Click on an image to view it. Capture options are on the right side of this dialog. Pressing the [Filters] button gives you control over how capture text data is processed.

General Settings

Capturing, Filtering and Processing Text

The filters and actions are performed on each incoming line from the clipboard:

  • Trim: spaces at the beginning and end of the line
  • Remove Puncutations: punctuations are removed
  • Strip Parentheticals: data within parentheses/brackets is removed.
  • Parse Words: words are split into new lines on white spaces.
  • Ignore Empty: blank lines are removed.
  • Remove HTML: HTML tags are removed from HTML text.
  • Change Case: the case of all data is changed as selected.
  • Parse: new lines are created at locations that match the specified strings. Note that no further actions are performed on the inserted lines during this phase of processing. Reprocess the capture box with new filters as needed.
  • Accept Lines: only those lines that contain the specifed substrings are placed in the captured data box.
  • Reject Lines: lines that do not contain the specifed substrings are ignored.
  • Replace/Remove: data that matches selections is replaced. Each row in this grid represents one find-replace pair.
  • Extract/Delete Text in Substrings: data that is found between the specified start and stop substring location is Extracted or Deleted.
  • Suffix & Prefix: data is added to the beginning and/end of a line as specified.
  • Merge Lines: groups of 2-5 lines are merged into single lines. If specified, separators are inserted between some/all of the merged groups of text.

Download FDC

FDC is completely free and is downloaded here. Free Data Capture : Editor's Choice Award at !

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