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Tons of educational games for you to play!
Some on-line games require the Flash Plug-In.
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Tons of Never-Ending ™ Twitter Games

A daily quiz to keep you in the know. Never-ending stories. A Twitter Cloud. Guess Word. Twitter Hangman and more. Daily leaderboard. All Free!

Name Tag

Make and print your own name tags. Create or draw funny name tags for school, work or meetings. Get creative. No more plain "Hello my Name is ..." tags. Say something special. Tell people what you do.

Teacher Motivational Stickers and more.

Unique motivational materials to give to your kids as rewards. Buy one button to share among your pupils. Buy a set of stickers to give out for completion of work. Use our templates to create your own rewards for special projects. Fully customizable.

Sticky Notes for Your WebPage

Add sticky notes to your website. Communicate with your visitors. Works for MySpace pages.

NumSkulls Math

Become the top NumSkull playing this math game. Make equations from available numbers resting in skulls. Top scores are recorded in the daily leaderboard. This September it will become the first educational game on MySpace.


Thousands of words have more than one meaning. This game challenges your contextual knowledge. Take the ambiguity out words.


Play this unique word game in several languages. Guess the word by typing in your own words and use the comparative clues to figure things out. Top scores are recorded in the daily leaderboard. This September it will become the second educational game on MySpace.

Holes in Words

A group of random words are displayed with keys letters missing. Fit the missing letters into the words to solve. Designed for iPhones or iPods, this game plays in all browsers.

Lost Letters

A paper and pencil game where you must use logic to fit missing letters into a grid. Great for those long waits at the airport or on a plane. Print off a bunch of these puzzles and there's no need to pay for a puzzle book.


Beat the wise owls and learn some facts: math, grammar, science, history, geography and more.

Flash Cards Printer

The Flash Card Printer lets you print your own flash cards for your kids. Load text from your computer. Print 16 cards per sheet of standard cardboard stock. Cut into cards with scissors or a cutting board. You control the content. A simple way of building knowledge using information you pick. Includes samples like inventions, chemical elements, Dolch words, SAT words. Demo here.

Proximal Words

Battle your friends with words in this real-time, multi-player game. It's similar to Scrabble ™ except there are no turns. Play on a live game board against other players at the same time.


Connections are all around us in what we see, read, hear and think about. Connect-o-Mania is a set of thinking games where you can have fun exploring, discovering and unravelling connections between related topics. Connect with The World, The Human Body, Languages, Canada, USA, Shakespeare, Sports, Synonyms, Antonyms, The Universe, Logical Math and more.

(17) On-line games you can play for free right now or on your PC.

NumSkulls Math

Become the top NumSkull. Beat the computer at its own mathematical game. Match equations with pairs or triplets of numbers.

Mixed-Up Math

One of our favorite games. Decode the math equations in a variety of formats.

Word Worm

Dig a tunnel for your worm to get home. Link letters into words. Completed words make the tunnel. Check for the latest word lists here.

Math Worm

Dig a tunnel for your worm to get home. Link numbers into correct equations. Completed equations make the tunnel.

Cell Mates

You need to unscramble the words using the clue or definition above each word. Check for the latest word lists here.

French Connections

With English clues, find the French words.The letters in the words are all jumbled up. Move them around until they match the clues.

Mixed-Up Words

Decode the words. Letters are scrambled and you must find the solutions.

Word Search

Classic word search game. A variety of words from subjects like Geography, Sports, Science. Only at the social network.

Current (News) Events Word Search

Classic word search game using words and phrases from TODAY'S HEADLINES. News from the World, Canada and USA. Only at the social network.

Quote Works

Solve quotation puzzles. Includes phrases, sayings, facts, today's news headlines and more. Compete to be the "Phrazer of the Day". See what phrase lists come with Quote Works. See how Quote Works helps teachers.

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