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Math puzzle Mixed-Up Math - A challenging math game and logic puzzle for all ages.


Rebuild the correct mathematical equations in this challenging math puzzle.
Over 30 formula formats including boxes, crosses, mazes, ladders.


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Drag incorrectly placed numbers into their correct positions.
Place all the numbers to complete the round.

Mathematical Puzzle
Diagonal puzzle shown

Mixed Up Math
Before and after Simple puzzle shown

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Mixed-Up Math : Editor's Choice Award at bluesofts.com !


Review by Dywebcon
Here's an exceptional freeware educational math game and logic puzzle! Don't be fooled by the word "educational", it's loads of fun and has over 20 formula formats to keep you playing for a long time. ... suitable for use by teachers at all grade levels in classrooms and home schooling.

Read review by CFS:
Mixed-Up Math is a mathematical puzzle where you must find the correct equations to solve the puzzle. It features: 22 different puzzle layouts/sizes (including boxes, crosses, mazes & ladders); optional hints; optional timed game; optional high-number limit (25, 50, 100 or 250); background music; and more. This is a challenging and, sometimes, infuriating puzzle! It is also great fun and a good brain stretcher. Not for the calculator crowd, you have to re-arrange the numbers in the boxes so that the puzzle comes out correctly. The equations run in different directions and you must drag the red number into its correct square for it to become black. You have a set number of failed attempts (normally 6) which is rarely enough. We recommend that initially you play with lower numbers, simple puzzle layouts and without the timed-game option turned off. Once you are feeling comfortable with the game you can slowly increase the complexity of the puzzle and add timing to your games. You can also slowly increase the highest number. Mixed-Up Math is great. It will exercise your logic responses and sharpen your mental mathematics. It is also great fun with a real feeling of satisfaction when you win. We loved Mixed-Up Math and recommend it for anyone who likes puzzles.

Review by Tudogs.com:
A wonderful fun but educational math game and logic puzzle from Knowledge Probe. Can be played at all levels. The idea is to rebuild the correct mathematical equation or equations. Over 20 formula formats including boxes, crosses, mazes, ladders. Play timed and untimed games. Limit difficulty with different answer maximums. Choose to display clues for correct answers.

Review by LockGnome:
I love math games! When I was in school I would love when the math teacher would issue challenges to the class and I'll admit that I was the geeky kid that would work on the math problem all day just to show the teacher before going home for the day. Mixed-Up Math is the perfect game for me. Not only is Mixed-Up Math educational, it's also really fun. At first glance you think the game is easy, but trust me... even after about 10 minutes of game play, it's NOT! Once I learned how to turn off the timer, I did a little bit better at the games; before that, I couldn't win a single one. There are about 21 different logic/math puzzles included in this game, so it will take you a while to get bored. You can set a limit on the size of the numbers you are working with, whether you want numbers 25 and below or 250 and below. It's very hard to find simple, challenging, and educational games anymore, but with Mixed-Up Math you get all that and more.

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    Hello! Mixed-Up Math is a mathematical puzzle where the solutions involves rearranging numbers to find the correct equations. The full version of the game features over 40 different puzzle layouts including boxes, crosses, mazes and ladders. There are unlimited combinations of levels. Options include hints, timed games and number limits. This is a challenging and sometimes infuriating puzzle! It looks easy but the higher levels will really get to you. Mixed-Up Math is great educational fun and a good brain stretcher for all ages.
























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