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Quotation Puzzle Quote Works

An uplifting quotation puzzle for all ages.

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What is Quote Works? Quote Works is a game for quotation-solving aficionados.
Quote Works is also being used an alternative quiz for any school subject.

Try Quote Works On-Line Now --> Click HERE for a live 10 quotations demo.

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  • "My new Favourite game!!! I so enjoy Elevator Words and I often wondered when/if you could do something similar with sentences (quotes/phrases/titles etc). And you have--and very successfully too! I used to play Phrase Daze until I used up all the phrases and found out that they no longer support the game or make new quotes for it. I'm so glad that you have created this "Quote Works" which is by far a much better game and more fun to play--but now, back to the game! (or as Sherlock would say: "The game is afoot"). Thanks for creating this" - AH
  • "I think this would be an excellent classroom aid for teaching spelling, word recognition...as well as teaching about current events in news and even phrases. I am highly impressed! Being older, I was taught English in what I believe was a more effective manner than I see today. This program would help bring those skills back in a fun way!" - ZA
  • "I think this is great. I'm very involved into my child school and going to show this to the school today because my child thinks it's great ..." MH

    Playing the Game.

    Lift letters to solve challenging quotation puzzles, phrases and definitions. Shift vertical columns of letters into proper alignment to find the secret phrase.
    Find all words to complete the round.

    At the start of a round ...
    Quote Works before
    In progress ...
    Quote Works in progress
    Completed ...
    Quote Works after

    Unlimited Puzzles.

    You can download additional puzzles, load your own phrases from web pages and even make computer-generated phrases.
    Dozens of categories include:

    • Advertising Slogans, Bible Sayings, Chinese Proverbs, Christmas Wisdom
    • French Phrases, General Quotations, Historical Quotations, Insults,
    • Literary Quotes, Movie Quotes, Office Humour, Proverbs, Riddles,
    • Resume Bloopers, Science Trivia, Sex and Love, Shakespeare,
    • Song Titles, Strange Facts, Today's News Headlines, Witty Sayings.
    • Any school subject can be used in solving definitions.

    Quote Works Quote Works
    Quote Works Print pencil and paper puzzles to solve later: Quote Works

    Phrazer of the Day.

    Compete daily to be the "Phrazer of the Day". Each day, a new "super-phrase" will be available for solving by all users. All completed scores will be posted to a website for review by all interested players.

    You can also record overall scores in each category.


    Manage your own phrases and sayings with the built-in editor. Load and filter unlimited phrases from internet sources for your own use. Create and test your own computer-generated phrases using the sentence generator and word lists. Contribute phrases to our on-line database.

    More Information.

    For more information about Quote Works, preview the help file.

    Free Copy to Website Owners

    If you are the webmaster of a quotations website contact us for your free fully-authorized copy.

    Download Freeware Version.

    Download the freeware version here!
    The freeware version shows you the potential of the full product.

    Quotation Links

    Quotations @ about.com
    Quotations @ Cybernation
    Military Quotes
    Quotations Archive
    The Movie Quote Site

    Randomly Generated Quotations, Phrases, Mission Statements, Insults, Sentences, Slogans.

    Quote Works has a built-in phrase generator that you can use to generate and solve your own random sayings.

  • Just as an iron chain rusts from disuse and stagnant ponds lose purity and in cold weather become quick-frozen, even so does inactivity ruin the vigors of your brain.
  • Far improved it is to dare right matters to gain resplendent accolades even though marked by unsuccesses, than to socialize with those mediocre people who neither love much nor have good since they exist in a dull evening that knows not victory nor defeat.
  • Only one who dedicates himself to challenges with his complete potency and morals can be a genuine copy, and for this conclusion demands all things of someone.
  • Occassionally it can made said, let a person avert evil exploits as a person who gets life nullifies bad things.
  • My father once told us that anything you can do, or think you can do, begin it at once.
  • It has been remarked that, the art of living judiciously is the art of being well-educated in what you neglect.
  • The matters which are not of great importance are further more crucial than those which are mensurable.
  • My uncle always said that, being a mastermind is one percent desire and ninety-nine parts sweat.
  • Let it be known that the person who never falsifies his impressions is like swamp water and spawns various animals of the psyche.
  • It has been written that youngsters are entitled to their fantasies and when they gain them, it is broadly on a point of out-and-out enchantment which is to us so astounding but to them so instinctive.
  • To learn well, posture yourself before knowledge as a young youngster, be prepared to relinquish every prior belief, absorb quietly from whatsoever roadblocks nature brings you. Else you may fail to pick up anything.
  • People are all journeymen in the wilds of this planet and the finest we can come across in our jaunts is an honourable admirer.
  • Let it be known that, when a person makes a commitment to public office, he must believe himself as community holdings.
  • It has been mentioned that never make the misapprehension of debating with groups of people for whose feelings you have no sympathy.
  • My mother always told me that what we observe relies prinicipally on what we have feelings for.
  • Copious amounts of work may be performed in those brief moments of time which every week produces and which just about all humanity discard, but which yet will make at the end of it no diminished entailment for the life of a person.
  • You may dupe some groups of people just about all of the years, you can even sucker all of the populations all of the time, but you can't fool all of the multitudes all the time.
  • You should be a heavy supporter of luck as the more laborious you work out, the more of it you will appear to have.
  • My mother always said that, there is so much practical good in the worst of us, and so very often a great deal in the rightest of us, that it humbles all of us not to babble out about the residuum of us.
  • It has been noted that patience and persistent purpose have a magical effect to have troubles go away and obstructions disappear.
  • It is an ancient and wry custom of individuals to work more resolutely when we have become confused about our means.
  • Men of second-rate ability sometimes attain spectacular achievements since they don't know when to renounce goals. Nearly all kinds win as they have decided to do this.
  • Being mad at someone or something extinguishes the candle of the creation of ideas.
  • Our circumstances evolve with our opinions such that we will get to be what we wish to become and do what we wish to do, only when our accustomed intellection agrees with our hopes.
  • The niftiest departure of time is waiting on promises, so don't talk to anyone who needs to save time who could recount what he was going to do with the time he salvaged.
  • The best assessment of a person is how he cares for somebody who gives him utterly no respect.
  • What rests to the back of us and belongs ahead of us are the minor things equated to what rests within us.
  • Do not run away from an impuissance - you must often beat it or die and if that is the case, how come not forthwith and where will you rest?
  • You educate others most proficiently in what you often desire to acquire knowledge of.
  • Listen, the most effective manner to have an effective thought is to have bunches of ideas.
  • Don't be so tempestuous that you cannot make others like you, because you can't make yourself as you would like to be.

  • An alert Canadian woman is a programmer who makes actions because they have been done before. An Egyptian is a woman carpenter who performs things because they haven't been done before.
  • After a number of years, your organic structure has a brain of its own that can be harmful to your well being.
  • Garments make the man. Unclothed masses have little or no outcome on open society.
  • Articles of clothing make the person. Unaided inhabitants have little result on tribal society.
  • Be careful about interpreting paperbacks about disasters. You may die of a typographical error.
  • An enthusiastic Spaniard is a woman who exercises things because they have been done before. An English is a man who makes things because they haven't been done before.
  • Let it be known that, Ability is a poor man's wealth.
  • The most distinguished truths and accuracies are the most elementary, uncomplicated and simple.
  • The actual consequence of dealing with a young child is that in no time at all you yourself start to sound like the child.
  • The pursuit of freedom is the love of others; the quest for power is the love of ourselves.
  • Undoubtedly, television has transformed Canadian youth from an irresistible bunch to an unmovable target audience.

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  • While visiting Kansas City, the doctor indignantly refused to listen to the radio.
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    QuoteWorks is a challenging way to puzzle your way through thousands of quotations, proverbs, riddles, trivia and other sayings. Challenge other players to be the top phraser of the day. R S S feeds give you new quotations daily and you can solve current news headlines. There are also computer-generated phrases and you can print paper puzzles to take with you. Teachers can manage their own subject-specific facts for their classes. It's a truly up-lifting game!

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