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  • "I LOVE your Mixed Up Math game. It is a great logic game for my 5th and 6th graders." - S.R.
  • "Thank you for math worm. It reaches the exceptional connection of mathematics and pleasure." - M.S.
  • "I find the games very interesting, addictive, educative and I think they provide a healthy jolt to the mind." - J.P.
  • "Thanks for a fantastic game!!" - D.W.
  • "I really enjoy your game. It definitely waxes up my brain." - N.C.
  • "I have just been introduced to the addictive charms of "Mixed Up Math". I have found it very enjoyable, and have also recommended it to my ten-year old grandson as a means of improving his mental arithmetic skills." - C.E.
  • "I've installed the new download - works perfectly - only problem now is I can't stop playing ..." - L.B.
  • "Once I realize how simple it is to use your game (CellMates) it is very enjoyable and stimulating. A fun way to keep on my toes during lunch. Thank you for a wonderful product!" - S.C.
  • "I wish more companies had your devotion to customer service. Thanks for all the help !" - J.F.
  • "By the way, I love Mixed-Up Math; it's great for maintaining basic skills, & I have used it on a regular basis for years. I've never found another program, free or not, as fun as it is. Thanks for making it free. I recently bought Stack Mates & enjoy it as well." - L.P.
  • "Elevator Words has quickly turned into one of my favorite games." - A.H.
  • "I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your little program Mixed-Up Math. A bloody good time waster." - R.K.
  • "Your program is a great help to me as I am a diabetic and need to remember to take my blood glucose reading during the day. I'm also a busy school teacher and having my cell phone remind me has been the best solution I've found." - S.H.
  • "I am a clergyman but I tend to arrive late for service. With CellAlarm to remind me, I am sure I will be more punctual. Thanks for wonderful product." - E.E.
  • "I got the free model for a week then upgraded. I use this with all my Dr apts and reminder notices. It calls your cell and leaves what ever you type in for the message. Works great." - J.L.

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