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Math Worm
- A deep-thinking mathematical maze.

Build a tunnel by connecting related numbers.


Try Math Worm on-line now --> Click HERE for a live demo.

Word Game Playing the game.
Mark a tunnel using sets of adjacent numbers.
Each set of three numbers must form an arithmetic equation like
3 x 4 = 12    followed by    12 + 6 = 18    and    18 - 7 = 11

Notice that the answer of each equation forms the start of the next equation.
A completed tunnel will contain a series of correct equations.

Start (marked in yellow)
Digging (marking) in progress
Complete your tunnel before the math worm
is unleashed and eats up your score.
Follow only correct equations
2x4=8 8-6=2 2+8=10 10-6=4 4+5=9 ...

Tunnel completely marked

Worm at home

Download free trial now!

Word Game Options
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Word Game Reviews & Comments

"Wonderful game, rather easy for my child, but too tough for me. Nice way to compose education and computer together." - R.B.
"This is a great game. What age and grade level would you say that it's for? I think the math is very basic but to find the equations is difficult when it's set on a difficult level - so it makes it confusing what age it is supposed to be played by. The math is 3rd and 4th grade level, but only when its on an easy level, and when its on a hard level, its a good game for older kids, but the math is too easy. Thanks for listening. Supervisor-APS department" - S.A.

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Hello! Welcome to Math Worm. In this game you must dig a tunnel for your worm to get home. Your underground world consists of numbered clumps of earth, which is great worm food. As you dig you through adjacent numbers they will form equations. As you form a valid equation, more of the tunnel will be formed. Find all of the linked equations, complete the tunnel and win the game. The full version comes with higher numbers, longer tunnels and all options. Upgrade for only 10 dollars. Happy digging!

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